about Stefanie

Stefanie is designer by profession and artist by heart. In the last years she mainly focused on design, illustration, multimedia and photography. Her aim is to always combine narratives with design and not just create something beautifully looking but also emotionally touching. Through her media technology studies she is aware of the technical aspects in her work, as well.

In the last years she mainly worked with international NGOs from Austria, Spain and Germany, supporting seminars and meetings with documentation, publications and (multimedia) design. She is self-employed but also works as head of the technical and multimedia department for EBI/EIE and EFQBL. She works as international project coordinator and trainer, also.

Stefanie believes in the process of creation itself as the most fruitful source for her work. She doesn’t like standstill and is always searching for the unkown.

Capturing the world by pictures, colors, words and forms, is her way of finding inspiration in travelling but also everyday life.

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