Branding and Visual Design


For university, I designed a visual identity and packing for the fictional company Amicorum Gin. I should create a modern but noble label, that addresses young people, who are interested in high-quality gin. For this season, they also want to have a design for a special edition with raspberry. Furthermore, I was asked to show different ways of their Social Media appearance.


First, there was an idea.

Amicorum is Latin and is the second case plural of ‘the friends’. My first idea was to create a design element, that refers to old Roman patterns. With this, I also wanted to connect the noble feeling of the Roman empire with the modern world. This way, I could target young people and still show the high-quality of the product. In combination with a bold font, and colors, that change with the Gin’s flavor a logo arose that represents the company’s attributes best.

Colors, baby.

I chose colors for the special edition, that represent the character of the raspberry and pink gin and are capable with dark gray, light gray and white, which are the main colors of the branding. After deciding on colors, style, and font I started designing the bottle’s label. I tried different shapes, colors, and finally decided to go for a simple design, that focuses on the brand.

What do you mean 'extra'?

After finalizing the label I started creating a package, which is sustainable, reusable and stands out with its minimalistic style. An extra label with an email address, social media channels, and further information is bound around the bottle’s neck.