Daniela Nickmann



For university, I was able to develop and design a new brand identity for my student colleague and photographer Daniela Nickmann. The aim was to create a logo, that fits the business philosophy, stationary, including an invoice, a stamp and business cards, and a portfolio template. 

Hey, pretty logo.

The logo should be feminine, meaningful and easy to remember. Therefore, I decided to focus on a round shape, including the first letters of Daniela Nickmann. I decided to go with a curved font to supports the feminine character. The logo can also be used inverted. Furthermore, there is a second version, which should be used, when the logo cannot be bigger than 2cm, this way legibility is given.

Stamp it.

A business card, you say?

Invoice, in your inbox...

A portfolio it is!

For the photographic work, my client wanted to have a portfolio template, that she can use to present her work in the best way. Therefore, I designed various sides, that she can combine in different ways with each other and so not just have a pretty looking portfolio, but one that is expandable.